Stray Kids Changbin And Seungmin Finally Released Their Duet— And Stays Are Emotional

After over a year, they finally released it on their third anniversary!

Stray Kids Changbin and Seungmin just released their duet song “조각” after mentioning it over a year ago, and Stay are feeling all the emotions.

| JYP Entertainment

The two have held onto the song ever since September of 2019, and decided to finally release it on their third anniversary, touching Stay’s hearts.

| realstraykids/Instagram

The lyrics and composition were done by Changbin and Seungmin themselves, with Bang Chan assisting with the composition and arrangement. The sad yet beautiful lyrics are full of emotion, conveying the fear of losing pieces of themselves and their cherished ones as they chase their dreams.

It’s a song that holds the idea of us who are still running towards our dreams, and not wanting to miss any pieces of that process.

— Seungmin

Listen to their touching duet below:

Stray Kids