Stray Kids Chose Their Best Singer…And It Will Stun You In A Good Way

Their choice in member is not what you would have expected, but the more you think about it, the more it’ll make sense!

Stray Kids chose the best singer in their team, and it’ll totally stun you in a good way!

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids recently sat down as guests for SEVENTEEN‘s Superlatives segment, where they asked and answered all sorts of fun questions!

On of the questions asked to them was:

Who is the best singer?

All the members turned unanimously towards Felix!

Felix is more known as a rapper in the group, and is also well-famed for that low, deep voice that helps him stand out! The members of Stray Kids highlighted exactly how nice his singing voice is, and how amazing is distinct vocal color is, beginning with Changbin!

He has a very nice voice. And a very good color too.


Bangchan elaborated on this further, explaining why he thinks Felix is an amazing singer!

His voice itself, it has its own special tone. Even his singing skills are very good.


Han brought out the closing statement that summed up everybody’s feelings about Felix’s vocal talent!

Sounds like an angel.


Stray Kids recently made their comeback with their first repackaged album titled IN生 (IN LIFE) and title track “Back Door”.

You can watch Stary Kids’ compliment Felix on his singing from the 4:33 mark here!

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