Stray Kids Completely Dominates The Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart This Week

Plus, three other new K-Pop songs made their debut!

Each week, the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart is updated to showcase the 25 best-selling international singles in the United States. With K-Pop consistently growing in popularity in the U.S., it’s often a dominant part of the list, and this week is no different!

There were a total of 10 new K-Pop songs that debuted on the chart for the first time, seven of which belong to a single artist: Stray Kids! With the release of their new album, NOEASY (which also debuted at #5 on Billboard’s World Albums chart this week), this fourth generation boy group showed just how much of an impact they’re making on the K-Pop industry.

The top-ranking of their new songs, of course, is the title track of the album, “Thunderous”! For its first week on the chart, it’s listed at #3, making it the second-highest ranked K-Pop song on the chart this week after BTS‘s “2! 3!”, which re-joined the chart this week at #2.

Stray Kids next highest-ranking song comes in at #11, with “Domino” taking that place. Bang Chan and Hyunjin‘s duet, “Red Lights”, takes the #13 place, and another fan-favorite, “Cheese”, is listed at #14.

A couple spots down is their song “The View”, which spends its debut week at #18. “Ssick” comes in at #22 for its first week, and finally, their last newly debuted song is “Sorry, I Love You”, ranked at #24!

The other three new K-Pop songs charting this week are all by different artists. The highest-ranked is VERIVERY‘s latest single, “Trigger”, at #4! This is their third song to make it on this specific chart, with “G.B.T.B” and “Get Away” both reaching the #1 position in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

The Jays also made their way onto the chart this week: GOT7‘s Jay B and Jay Park‘s collaboration song, “B.T.W.”, takes the #15 position! This is Jay B’s first time on the chart as a soloist, and Jay Park’s 21st time.

Finally, just under the collab song is the much-anticipated release from the queen herself, CL! Her new song, “Spicy”, takes the #16 spot, and is her 10th solo song to make it onto this specific chart.

Congratulations to all the new ranking K-Pop artists!

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