Stray Kids Names The Three Most Difficult Music Videos They’ve Ever Filmed And Why

It gives them war flashbacks 😂

K-Pop boy group Stray Kids recently had an interview with Seventeen for an episode of “Besties On Besties.”

They discussed their nicknames for each other, fondest memory together, and even the hardest music videos they’ve ever filmed! In no particular order, here are the three MVs that they singled out for being the most challenging of all.


Like its name suggests, the music video set for their song “FREEZE” was unbearably cold. It’s almost as if they were filming in the middle of a snow storm!

‘FREEZE!’ [It was] very cold. It was just so cold. It was freezing. The song’s called ‘FREEZE,’ but it was freezing.

— Stray Kids

2. Back Door

Unlike the previous song, the reason why they chose “Back Door” doesn’t have anything to do with the set. It stood out for a completely different reason—they had to dance for hours on end during a hot summer day, which was taxing on the body.

Oh, ‘Back Door!’ 100% dance. Dance! All day dance. Yeah, we were just dancing all day. It was summer and hot.

— Stray Kids


Last but not the least, Stray Kids chose their song “MIROH.” Instead of explaining why they picked it, they simply groaned out loud as they remembered that day.

Hyunjin covered his mouth and Bang Chan grimaced as he looked up. Based on their body language, the MV shooting must have been extremely difficult!

In the same interview, Stray Kids revealed what they named their group chat. Check out the two answers that the members gave in the article below.

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