Stray Kids Has Two Group Chat Names, And They’re Polar Opposites

It matches their personalities!

Recently, Stray Kids sat down for an interview with YouTube channel Seventeen for their series, “Besties On Besties.”

Aside from dishing on their secret nicknames, choosing the member who has the best fashion sense, and reminiscing on their fondest memory as a group, they also revealed what they named their group chat.

With a huge grin on his face, Hyunjin shared that his is called “SKZ fire.

Most of the members excitedly agreed, but just in case, Bang Chan spoke up, asking, “Is everyone the same?

I.N then happily revealed that his group chat name is slightly different—instead of a fire emoji, he uses a heart. “SKZ heart,” he said.

I.N’s answer melted his members’ hearts, with some even gushing, “Aww.

In a separate episode of “Besties On Besties,” boy group TXT was asked the same question. Unlike Stray Kids, however, each member gave a different answer! Check it out here:

Each TXT Member Has A Different Name For Their Group Chat, And It Says A Lot About Their Personalities

Source: YouTube

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