Stray Kids Names The Most Famous Person On Their Phone Contact List

What’s your guess?

Stray Kids sat down for an interview with SEVENTEEN where they talked about a variety of topics ranging from their pre-performance rituals to the celebrities that left them starstruck.

Related to the latter was the question, “Who is the most famous person in your contacts?”

The question incited a cheer from the group. Their first reaction was to shout, “Stray Kids! Stray Kids” as if to say that the other members were the most popular people they know.

Hyunjin: Stray Kids!

Han: Stray Kids, that’s right!

Bang Chan added another person to the conversation—a senior singer and the founder of their company JYP Entertainment: Park Jin Young.

We also have JYP.

— Bang Chan

They have known him since the start of their careers as trainees. In fact, Park Jin Young was the one who facilitated the survival show that formed the group Stray Kids (2017).

Seungmin, however, surprised the rest when he stated that he did not have Park Jin Young’s phone number.

I don’t have his number.

— Seungmin

Bang Chan reminded him of the exact time he was put on their contacts to refresh his memory.

Remember he bought us food and he was like, ‘Here’s my number.’

— Bang Chan

Seungmin unfortunately replied with, “No, he never contacted me,” making Park Jin Young’s number a unique item among the members as well.

Check out the full video below to learn more about Stray Kids.

Source: YouTube

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