Stray Kids’ Felix Is Making Jaws Drop With His Unbelievably Ripped Abs

He’s showing off his abs more and more!

Stray Kids Felix‘s deep voice is enough to make us swoon. Not to mention his handsome face…

Stray Kids’ Felix

Now, he is making jaws drop by showing off his abs more and more, which are incredibly ripped!

Felix and fellow Stray Kids member Hyunjin are the featured cover models for Cosmopolitan Korea‘s January 2023 issue. Models need to be glad these two men chose to be idols. 

Hyunjin (left) and Felix (right)

They never fail to wow us with their visuals. And their outfits reveal just enough skin to tell us how incredibly toned their abs are… 

Yet, that’s not all, though. There is one photo from the magazine circulating of Felix in a jacket with no shirt. So, it completely reveals his abs, and he is absolutely ripped. STAYs are in shock, understandably so.

This is not the first time Felix has revealed his abs, though. Recently, at The 2022 Asia Artist Awards (also known as The 2022 AAAs), he lifted his shirt briefly, flashing his abs during Stray Kids’ performance.

STAYs are shook, but let’s be honest… We’re all living for Felix’s washboard abs era.

It’s only a matter of time before Felix graces the cover of Men’s Health

Felix revealed his abs in 2019 too. Read more below.

Stray Kids’ Felix Gave Everyone The Abs Reveal They Were Waiting For And He Didn’t Disappoint

Stray Kids

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