Stray Kids’ Felix Has Fans Doing A Double-Take With An Unexpected Hashtag In Latest Instagram Post

He looks incredible though!

Stray Kids‘ Felix has really been treating fans’ social media timelines lately with both bare-faced and glammed-up photoshoots on the group’s Instagram!

Felix (Stray Kids) | @realstraykids/Instagram

His most recent post, which was shared on January 21, includes another set of no-makeup selfies in which Felix is also wearing a pair of glasses that just add to his cute and boyfriend-esque look.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

According to the caption, it appears that Felix was working on his keyboard, hence the tools that he’s also showcasing in the set of four photos.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

And while Felix’s pretty visuals are getting a lot of attention on the post, the caption itself is also creating amusement among fans.

| @realstraykids/Instagram
| @realstraykids/Instagram

The caption says, “Who would’ve thought lubing switches would take hours 🤓”, with the hashtags #Stay, #straykids, #felix, and #lubing.

While the inclusion of the word “lubing” is appropriate in this instance — Felix was presumably lubing the switches of his keyboard to make them quieter and work more smoothly — there are some people who at first took the word in a more NSFW way. The fact that he also used it twice, both in the caption and as a hashtag, is even more amusing to some STAYs!

There are plenty of other relatable comments on the Instagram post itself, including people empathizing with the painstaking task, gushing over his pretty visuals, or also being entertained at his word usage.


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Whatever your reaction is, there’s no doubt that Felix always treats fans with the pictures of himself that he posts on Stray Kids’ Instagram account!

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