Stray Kids’ Felix Finally Responds To BTS Jimin’s Shout Out In The Best Way Possible

“STAYARMY winning!”

Fans of both Stray Kids and BTS have been enjoying the indirect interactions between the two groups lately. In the past, fans were thrilled to find out Jungkook and Bang Chan hung out with other members of the 97-liners friendship.

Recently, it’s interactions between Felix and Jimin that have fans’ hearts racing!

Stray Kids’ Felix | Singles Magazine

Around a week ago, Jimin appeared on Pixid‘s “Imposter” series, a show where an “outsider” is put into a group of people and must try to fit in with them. K-Pop idols have appeared on the show, with stars like Key having to go undercover into a group of fans.

Jimin did something similar and entered a group of fans living outside South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

When Jimin targeted one of the fans in his effort to fit in, she revealed that she was a fan of Stray Kids and proved her love for “Yongbok,” Felix’s Korean name.

On top of dancing a little bit to “Manic,” Jimin ended up giving a “shout-out” to Felix, saying, “Yongbok-nim,  I’m not taking her from you… She left home, so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

Naturally, fans loved this, with even Bang Chan fanboying about the shout-out during one of his live streams.

Now, Felix has finally responded to Jimin in the best way possible!

On March 30, on the official Stray Kids TikTok account, Felix posted a video with the caption ““Yongbok-ie” I’m Felix.” The video’s content? Felix doing Jimin’s “Like Crazy” dance challenge!


“용복이” 필릭스입니다☀🐈‍⬛💙 #straykids #felix #지민 #jimin 선배님 #likecrazy cover

♬ Like Crazy – Jimin

Fans went absolutely wild for this moment, leaving over 60 thousand comments, both complimenting Felix and hoping for a collaboration between the two!

| Stray Kids/TikTok

Felix is currently in the United States for Stray Kids’ 2023 MANIC World Tour encore performances, so hopefully, when he returns, the pair will have a chance to meet up in person!