Stray Kids’ Felix Wears What He Wants Regardless Of Any Gender Norms

“There are endless possibilities.”

Anyone who knows Stray Kids is well aware that the members always show up in amazing style. Perhaps the reason the members always look so fashionable is that they do not restrict themselves to the social norms of gender and fashion.

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In Arena Homme Plus magazine, member Felix and Hyunjin answered several questions discussing music, Stray Kids, personal growth, and more.

One question that caught the attention of many was the question regarding Felix’s style. On stage, Felix is often in glamorous outfits and makeup. Offstage, Felix’s style is just as amazing. Because of this, many become curious about his style.

I am happy that I was able to convey a mature, cool, and sexy look today. I want to try all different kinds of styles, and also extravagant style. I think it’s really cool when a male model pulls off and digests female clothing really well as well as pull off extravagant hair and makeup. I think to myself ‘How would it be if I tried this?’ Personally, I like fashion that breaks boundaries and the imagination.

— Felix

The interviewer continued on the topic of fashion and asked Felix about his style and the look he’s trying to achieve.

If I merely focus on one style, then I can’t broaden my horizons so I like various things and I want to push the limits in fashion. It makes me really happy doing photoshoots because I can try different clothes from several styles by different designers.

— Felix

As the fashion icon he is, Felix then shared the type of clothing he has been into lately.

I’m into outerwear, and that’s why I like the winter season. With outwear, there are endless possibilities. I think about coats, bomber jackets, hoodies, and sweaters.

— Felix

With the boundaries Felix is pushing, it sounds like his fashion will only get cooler! We can’t wait to see more iconic looks from him and his fellow Stray Kids members in the future.

Source: Naver

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