Stray Kids’ Felix Pens A Heartfelt Letter Expressing Gratitude To STAYs For Respecting His Privacy In Australia

Felix was able to make the most of the short time he had with his family.

Stray Kids has had a packed schedule this year while touring Asia and North America on their MANIAC world tour.

(Top row, left to right) Stray Kids’ I.N, Felix, Bang Chan, and Hyunjin (Bottom row, left to right) Han, Changbin, Lee Know, and Seungmin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The group recently returned from completing 19 shows, 16 of which were completed in less than two months.

Before they conclude their tour with a special two-night concert in Seoul starting September 17, the members enjoyed some well-earned rest, which included an important trip for members Bang Chan and Felix.

Stray Kids’ Felix (left) and Bang Chan (right) | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids’ Felix shared with fans earlier this week that he was back in Australia for the first time in years and was spending precious time with his family and friends.

Fans were already happy knowing he was back home after a long time away, but they were even more emotional when Felix went live on TikTok and revealed that Bang Chan was also with him in Australia!


THEYRE BOTH THERE?! #straykids #felix #bangchan

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Bang Chan was also there to visit with his family and melted hearts when he went on a live broadcast with his family dog Berry and showed his adorable bond with his sister Hannah.

Fans who spotted Felix out and about in Sydney reported seeing him with his parents and little sister Olivia, and updates from Felix showed him enjoying meals and spending time outdoors. STAYs have been mindful about protecting Felix’s privacy and allowing him to enjoy his time with family, earning attention from the idol himself.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

After arriving back in Korea, Felix took to Instagram to show his appreciation for the love shown by his family and friends and the effort made by STAYs to give him space and privacy to make the most of his short trip home.

Thank you to my friends, family and fans who welcomed me back home so warmly. So much has been done for me, and even if I’m not there physically, I’ll always remember those moments we had together.
Thank you to the Stays who have given me the personal space that my family and I needed. Always respecting and being mindful to keep my life private as possible, I truly appreciate everyone’s good intentions.
I do hope to visit Australia again sometime 💙

— Felix

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