Stray Kids’ Felix Reveals What People Thought Of Him In High School And It Will Surprise You

Fans still think he is the coolest person ever though!

Stray Kids’ Felix has been known as a captivating idol and stunning visual.

Yet he is also known for his vast profile of photos from his pre-debut days.

Having lived in Australia for most of his life, Felix’s childhood looked fun and adventurous.

In particular, photos of Felix in a suit have had many fans convinced that he was the most gorgeous and coolest kid in school.

Additionally, it seemed like he was surrounded by many friends.

Hence, it surprised fans when he revealed that this was not always the case.

As the MC of “Pops in Seoul”, Felix revealed a bit more about what his school days were like.

He mentioned that while he had to work hard because he felt that he was not as smart as the other kids.

Back when I was in school, I wasn’t that quite smart, although I did try my best

Yet, it was because he tried his best that caused some other people to have a biased opinion of him.

And I always tried to do my best, and I guess people did call me a nerd sometimes

Despite his stunning visuals and charismatic personality, Felix reveals that he still experienced being calling a nerd because of how committed and determined he was.

While words have the potential to bring people down, Felix’s achievements show that he has continued to do his best, and that has not changed.

His hard-work and determination is what has many people think of Felix as the coolest person ever.

And no matter what, fans will always think of Felix as someone to aspire to.

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