Stray Kids’ Felix Strips And Debuts Tattoos At Japan Concert

He appears to have two back tattoos!

Stray KidsFelix debuted his tattoos!


Stray Kids performed at Fukuoka PayPay Dome in Japan on August 16 as part of their STRAY KIDS 5-STAR DOME TOUR.

The members each had solo stages, showcasing their individual talents.

Felix performed an unreleased solo song. Every STAY not in Japan has extreme FOMO.

He did not just deliver a phenomenal performance. Felix shocked STAYs by stripping at the start of his solo stage, exposing his broad shoulders.

| @hodu915/Twitter

Felix removed two tops to briefly debut what appeared to be two new back tattoos, one winged tattoo at the center and an indistinguishable one on his right shoulder. He continued his solo stage by wearing a sleeveless button-up.


Mid-performance, Felix opened his top, revealing his abs. He showed no mercy to STAYs this night!


STAYs lost it at Felix’s performance and tattoo reveal. We’re seriously questioning why we weren’t there.

Felix’s duality is insane! How are you Felix-biased STAYs doing right now?

Some STAYs pointed out that Felix had also sent an angel wings emoji via bubble for JYPNation. Was he subtly spoiling his solo stage?

Others are debating whether the tattoos are real. Some think the smaller tattoo might be legit while the wings actually isn’t.

Whether real or fake, we can all agree Felix slayed his solo stage. Watch it below.

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