Stray Kids’ Felix Exposes Management’s Whitewashing Of His Video

“Please stop whitewashing your posts.”

Stray KidsFelix exposed the group’s social media management for whitewashing his natural complexion.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Recently, a video of Felix was posted via Stray Kids’ official Instagram account. He spoke French as he excitedly talked about the 2023 Lollapalooza in France that Stray Kids is headlining.

While STAYs were excited to hear him flex his multilingual skills…

Many struggled to get past how unlike himself Felix looked. To many, he appeared pale and sickly.



Sure enough, Felix posted the same video, the original copy, to the bubble by JYPNation app, showing just how good he looks unfiltered. In doing so, he also exposed the whitewashing.

STAYs are calling out Division 1, the division in JYP Entertainment in which Stray Kids are managed, for adding an unnecessary filter to his video. The side-by-side difference is shocking.

Stray Kids have often been victims of excessive edits that make the members look unrecognizable. Read more below.

STAYs Call Out JYP Entertainment For Photoshopping Stray Kids

Idols Done Dirty

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