Stray Kids’ Han Is The Biggest Fan Of This One Adorable Anime Character

Two words: Waku Waku.

In an exclusive interview with TumblrStray Kids were asked, “If you could have dinner with three fictional characters, who would you choose?” Han, with zero hesitation and with a burning passion, screamed “Anya Forger,” cementing this adorable character from SPY X FAMILY as his number one favorite.

This isn’t the first time Han’s showed his love and support for Anya. During the earlier legs of Stray Kids’ world tour, he and Lee Know quoted some of Anya’s famous quotes in their closing messages.

He’s imitated Anya’s iconic line “Waku Waku” multiple times while on Japanese broadcasting programs, adding his own cuteness and winning over the hearts of everyone.

And even when he isn’t the one mentioning Anya, he can’t hold back his love for the character whenever someone else talks about her.

Anyone who’s watched SPY X FAMILY can relate to Han’s fondness for Anya, which perhaps can only be rivaled by STAYs’ love for Han.

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