Stray Kids’ Han Named His Favorite Character From “Howl’s Moving Castle”, And Gave An Unexpected Reason For It

His answer was surprising!

Stray KidsHan has talked about his love for the anime Howl’s Moving Castle before, and recently, he also named his favorite character from the movie!

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

Han sat down with KBS to share his playlist for songs that uplift you, and his first pick was the theme song from Howl’s Moving Castle, “Merry-Go-Round” by Hisaishi Joe!

He gushed over the movie and how happy it made him, and revealed that his favorite character from the movie was the straw prince, who was a prince turned into a scarecrow by a witch!

Straw Prince from “Howl’s Moving Castle”| Studio Ghibli

I love Howl [the male lead], but…As time goes by, the scarecrow prince lingered in my mind. He expressed his love for Sophie [the female lead] several times, but he still failed, which made me feel bad.

He is a bit of a heart-breaking, kind character.


Watch him talk about it here!

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