Stray Kids Han Reveals His Top Three Tips For Ultimate Happiness And Positivity

Here’s how Han manages to always be a ray of sunshine.

Despite being the only introvert in Stray Kids, that doesn’t stop Han from gaining strength from his members and fans to become the comedic ray of sunshine that everyone loves. Since many wonder how he manages to stay so upbeat, a fan asked how they could be just as positive as him.

If you know Han, the first thing that came to his mind was just what you’d expect. Part of keeping up his energy was to “Eat a lot of chocolate.” Since chocolate is proven to have health benefits and instantly spark happiness, it makes sense.

The second tip wasn’t related to food at all but entertainment instead. Since Han recently vlogged himself watching the classic Hayao Miyazaki movie Howl’s Moving Castle for the seventh time, he said, “Number two: watch a lot of anime.” It was so fitting that Han and the STAY couldn’t help but laugh together.

The third tip was much more serious than the others. Han emphasized that accepting yourself and appreciating everything around you will bring you a whole new level of happiness. “Number three: just be satisfied with yourself and everything that you have. And be thankful.

While it seems like Han has a constant supply of happiness and energy, it’s all thanks to loving himself and how often he does the things that bring him joy.

Check out Han listing his top tips for becoming a ray of sunshine that shines as bright as he does.

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