Stray Kids’ Han Exposes The Hilarious Way Seungmin And Changbin Fight

Even Changbin and Seungmin had to laugh.

The Stray Kids members didn’t hesitate to name which members were skilled enough to cause annoyance from their teasing. During their appearance on Weekly IdolHan even revealed the silly way Seungmin and Changbin fight when the teasing reaches its peak.

Seungmin and Changbin. | Stray Kids/YouTube

Not holding back, Hyunjin admitted that Seungmin’s teasing could reach a limit. He said, “Actually, Seungmin makes all the members furious.

In fact, Han even remembered a funny fight between them. He said, “I remember one. Seungmin bothers Changbin first.

Han shared Changbin’s fired-up reaction to the teasing, “Then, Changbin gets mad and warns him that he might break his arm.” Naturally, Seungmin couldn’t back down.

Standing up to imitate Seungmin, Han repeated, “Seungmin doesn’t say anything and goes, ‘Hey, I can break yours in three seconds.’” They all immediately cracked up.

As they laughed, no one denied it. Changbin agreed, “Right! That’s what he’s like.

Because Seungmin jokingly picks a fight with Changbin and loves teasing them all, the outcome is just as funny as you’d expect.

Stray Kids

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