Stray Kids’ Han And Seungmin Are Caught Running For Their Lives At The “2023 Asia Artist Awards”

They’re rightly going viral for it!

Stray Kids’ Han and Seungmin have gone viral after a trip during an awards ceremony hilariously led them to almost miss getting an award.

Stray Kids’ Han and Seungmin

On December 14, K-Pop idols and Asian artists came together for the 2023 Asia Artist Awards, and one of those acts was Stray Kids.

Stray Kids at the AAAs | @theseoulstory/Twitter

When the show started, a fan wondered if there would be a hilarious toilet moment when all the members went to the toilet together when they were announced as winners.

Well, it seems like the OP wasn’t too far from the truth…

During the show, 3RACHA (BangChan, Han, and Changbin) picked up the award for best creator.

As expected, the three producers gave a heartwarming speech to fans…


Yet, it was surprising considering the chaos that had happened before… all because of Han and Seungmin. When the award was announced, netizens caught that the two Stray Kids members were on their way somewhere when the winner was announced.

| 每天倒计时/xiaohongshu 

When they heard 3RACHA get called, Seungmin ran to his seat while Han had to run to the table to go on stage with the other two members.

| 每天倒计时/xiaohongshu
| 每天倒计时/xiaohongshu

When the videos (from multiple angles and OPs) were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over how funny it looked seeing Han run to the stage and Seungmin’s reaction. While it wasn’t confirmed that they were going to the bathroom, it was definitely a plausible theory.

Many joked that Han’s expression while doing the speech was because he needed to “pee.”

While Han might have avoided chaos, netizens pointed out that although he wasn’t in the toilet, Hyunjin was because when the camera panned to Stray Kids during the speech, he wasn’t there.

Yet, what made it funnier is that it’s not the first time Stray Kids has created iconic moments at the event. Back in 2022, the entire group gained attention after going to the wrong table… making a hilarious moment when KARD‘s Jiwoo stood on it for their performance.

As always, Stray Kids always manage to make netizens LOL, and you can read more about it below.

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Source: 每天倒计时/xiaohongshu

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