Stray Kids’ Viral Moment With KARD’s Jiwoo At The “2022 AAAs” Happened All Because They Were’t Supposed To Be There

“Just Stray Kids being Stray Kids.”

KARD‘s Jiwoo recently shared how the viral moment between her and Stray Kids at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards happened all because of an accident!

KARD’s Jiwoo | @KARD_Official/Twitter
Stray Kids

KARD and Stray Kids were just two of the many groups that attended and performed at the 2022 AAAs in Japan this year, and both groups put on stunning stages for all in attendance.

Stray Kids were also inadvertently involved in KARD’s performance as Jiwoo stood on their table to perform. This moment spawned many hilarious edits on both Twitter and TikTok, highlighting how respectful the group were by looking everywhere but at her.


The floor is suddenly so interesting #skz #straykids #KARD

♬ everybody is gay – Damon <3

While KARD rocked their performance, it seems like it did not go completely as planned!

After the performance, Jiwoo took to Dear. U Bubble to explain precisely how the viral moment happened. According to Jiwoo, she was supposed to perform on an empty table, and Stray Kids were supposed to be seated at another table. Still, because of a misunderstanding or miscommunication, they ended up at Jiwoo’s table!

Before getting ready for the performance, Stray Kids were sitting at another table and there were other people sitting at the table I had to get on. So when it was time for the performance, I was in a rush to get on the table and realized that Stray Kids were now sitting at my table. I was in a hurry, so I just thought I’d go up quickly without thinking!

— Jiwoo

After this message, eagle-eyed STAYs were quick to notice that there was an empty table behind Stray Kids that the group were likely supposed to be sitting at. This means the hilarious viral moment was a complete accident.

The empty table behind where Jiwoo is performing is likely where Stray Kids were meant to sit.

Jiwoo shared that after the performance, she couldn’t help but think of how embarrassing the moment must have been for the boy group.

While monitoring the performance after, I felt that they must have been embarrassed.

— Jiwoo

Fans can’t help but think this is yet another moment of “Stray Kids being Stray Kids.”

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