Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Opens Up About Pushing His Body To The Absolute Limit For Their “MANIAC” Tour

But his reason for doing so is heartwarming.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin is an incredible performer who never fails to captivate fans when he takes the stage.

With his incredible dance talent, charisma, and powerful energy, Hyunjin always gives his all to his every performance.

The idol’s passion for performing and dedication to putting on the best possible performance for fans was only further proved when the idol performed on the North American leg of Stray Kids’ MANIAC world tour while injured.

Fans applauded Hyunjin for his professionalism, shocked by how passionate the idol was on stage despite his apparent injury.

A statement released by JYP Entertainment confirmed that Hyunjin was injured and explained that it was from “[bumping] his right hand on a door.”

Notice Regarding Hyunjin’s Schedule

Hello, this is JYPE.

We would like to inform you about Stray Kids member Hyunjin’s upcoming schedules.

Shortly before the Oakland show on July 12th (Tuesday, local time), Hyunjin bumped his right hand on a door and sustained a minor injury.

— JYP Entertainment

Fortunately, despite their rigorous tour schedule, JYP Entertainment shared that Hyunjin had received medical attention and would prioritize “recovering his health.”

Hyunjin participated in the Oakland show after receiving first aid from the medical team at the venue that day, and on July 13th (Wednesday, local time), he received a thorough medical examination. While the injury is minor, he was given the medical opinion that he should restrain from making harsh movements, so he will avoid strenuous movements and focus on recovering his health for the time being.

We therefore inform you that Hyunjin’s performances for the remaining tour dates may be partially limited.

We apologize for causing concern to STAY who have been waiting for Hyunjin’s performances. JYPE will provide everything possible to support the artist’s swift recovery.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

Still, fans were also voicing their frustration with JYP Entertainment for not doing enough to care for their artists’ well-being.

In a recently uploaded behind-the-scenes look at Stray Kids on their MANIAC tour, Hyunjin himself addressed the physical stress he regularly puts his body through to put on the best possible performances.

I ran into some unexpected situations. I’ve been making sure to let it all out (on this tour).

— Hyunjin

Hyunjin | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Because of all the effort that he puts into his every performance, Hyunjin explains that he woke up in immense pain.

Then I woke up the next day, I really thought my whole body was going to break. Actually, that next day is today.

— Hyunjin

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And while he’s aware that his pain is because of his incredibly intense performances, Hyunjin believes that the effort is meaningful because he gets to see his fans enjoying every performance.

These days, I’ve been just crazy. I kept on exceeding my limit… I just couldn’t breathe during “God’s Menu.” It was so much fun. When we bowed after the performance, when I see STAY looking impressed, I feel so happy.

— Hyunjin

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Even while talking about his pain, Hyunjin still took the time to record vlogs and paint for fans in his off time before still giving his all to the concerts.

I’m having muscle cramps all over my body right now.

— Hyunjin

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Fans are touched by the idol’s devotion to them but are hopeful that he will take care of his well-being and stay healthy.

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