Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Shows Off His Adorable Smile In The Group’s Recent Live Broadcast

OT8 is back y’all ❤️

Stray Kids recently held a V Live and the special return of one specific member has been exciting all of their fans. During the V Live session, Stray Kids fans (STAYs) could see Hyunjin in between all of his fellow group members, completing the group’s OT8 that everyone has been waiting for.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | JYP Entertainment

The 8 members of Stray Kids sat around a big white table in casual clothing while having different conversations. Dressed in a black beanie, Hyunjin stole the show as he shone brightly with a big smile.

Stray Kids, Hyunjin (third from left in the black beanie) | V Live

Just look at him! With the peep of his long black hair under his beanie, STAYs couldn’t help but express their joy upon seeing his face.

| V Live

It’s been 5 months since Hyunjin took his hiatus, which means it’s been 5 months without an OT8 Stray Kids. Naturally, this means STAYs all around the world, who have been patiently waiting for his return exploded in excitement upon seeing Hyunjin’s face.

Here is a Stray Kids fan who now understood what the saying, ‘I’m happy when you’re happy” meant.

Another STAY proclaimed their excitement upon seeing an OT8 Stray Kids.

This Twitter fan shared that “the world is healing” following the boy group’s V Live.

And lastly, this STAY wanted to show everyone Hyunjin’s “precious smile.”

To add onto the exciting news, Stray Kids just dropped their comeback trailer featuring Hyunjin, confirming an OT8 comeback from the boy group. Be sure to check their trailer down below!

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