Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Has An Unusual Talent That Has Fans Convinced He Is A Hound Dog

People think he has a sixth sense

Stray Kids was one of the many idol groups who competed in the ISAC 2019 Chuseok Special.

The competition was a perfect opportunity for idols to show off their unexpected talents, including one surprising showcase from Stray Kids’ Hyunjin.

His unusual talent was perfect when Stray Kids ran into some issues while resting.

It turned out that Stray Kids had mixed up some of the pink jackets that they were wearing.

Instead of looking at the size or appearance of the jumper, Stray Kids left the job of returning the jackets to the correct owner to Hyunjin and his sense of smell.

Fans caught Hyunjin sniffing the pink jacket as if he was interrogating it.

What blew the viewers away was that after sniffing the jacket, Hyunjin knew that this hoodie belonged to Felix.

With one bit of mystery solved, Felix gave another jacket to Hyunjin who promptly went back to smelling the jumper, ready for another investigation.

Fans have been pleasantly surprised by Hyunjin’s unexpected talent.

Many have not ever encountered someone who knew whose belongings it was from their sense of smell.

Some fans think that Hyunjin may have a sixth sense, considering how unnaturally good his detective skills are.

Some even think it’s because he was a hound dog or wolf in his past life, since his talent is so “unhuman” like.

Others are thinking Hyunjin should compete with ASTRO’s Moonbin to see who has the better sense of smell.

What is most reassuring however, is that the hoodies were returned to their rightful owners, thanks to Hyunjin and his hound dog senses.

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