Stray Kids’ Lee Know “Kisses” Changbin At Japan Concert With An Unexpected Twist

Their “kiss” went viral.

Stray Kids performed at Fukuoka PayPay Dome in Japan on Wednesday, August 16, as part of their STRAY KIDS 5-STAR DOME TOUR.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

As always, the group delivered an unbelievable show with performances from their latest album as well as unique solo stages.

But because it’s Stray Kids, there were also some comedic moments. One, in particular, has gone viral, thanks to Lee Know and Changbin.

Lee Know (left) and Changbin (right)

Lee Know was pretending to be frozen, not even blinking. So, Changbin approached him to see if he would respond…

…when suddenly Lee Know turned, grabbed Changbin, and went in for a kiss, much to the audience’s surprise!

There is little to no evidence of the two actually sharing a kiss, though. Right at the moment that their faces got close, the screen operator shut it off!

STAYs managed to capture some screenshots from the brief video to show just how close Lee Know had gotten to kissing Changbin before the screen turned off. Many are also impressed with the comedic timing of everyone involved in the now-viral moment.

Check out more highlights from Stray Kids’ concert in Japan below.

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