Stray Kids’ Lee Know Posted A Totally Normal Photo… And Fans Turned It Into A Meme

#ODDINARYCHALLENGE is going strong!

It’s no secret that Stray Kids has a ton of creative and artistically talented fans. Whether they’re creating beautiful fan art or some other kind of Stray Kids-inspired media, there is an endless amount of it out there for people to enjoy!

The Stray Kids-themed Twitter account @stay_support is one that encourages fans to make creations inspired by the K-Pop group, and earlier today, they posted a challenge involving Lee Know!


#LeeKnow is up next for “CHALLENGE WEEK 2.” STAYs, show us your ODDINARY takes!

Duration: 04.07-04.12 8PM (KST)
Winner Announcement: 04.13 (KST) 

Of course, STAYs were quick to get to work with their photoshopped images and memes, and so many of them turned out clever and hilarious 😂

A lot of the memes involve cats…

And of course there had to be some Titanic-themed ones as well 😂

Others involved Lee Know’s fellow Stray Kids’ members 😂

And some were just random and creative!

This one is even educational!

We can’t wait to see who ends up winning this challenge 😂

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