Stray Kids’ Resident “Butt Hunter” Lee Know Had The Tables Turned On Him During Their Concert

The hunter has become the hunted 😂

Almost every Stray Kids fan probably knows about Lee Know‘s unofficial status as the group’s “butt hunter”.

He seems to enjoy spanking the backsides of his fellow members any time he can, especially when they’re performing on stage!

If you search for “Lee Know Butt Hunter” on Twitter, you’re bound to get a ton of results 😂

However, during a watch party in Iran for the group’s recent three-day MANIAC Seoul concert, STAYs turned the tables on Lee Know in the most hilarious way!

During a group hug, Lee Know happened to be positioned towards the camera in the perfect direction… For viewers to tap him on the butt.

It’s clear based on the audience’s reaction that this was unexpected but entertaining, and responses to the clip on social media are the same!

There’s no doubt that Lee Know would be proud 😂

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