Stray Kids Make US Late Night TV Performance Debut With “MANIAC”

Their performance was literally fire! πŸ”₯

Stray Kids recently released their new mini album ODDINARY featuring the title track “MANIAC,” and fans can’t get enough of the incredible music, intense choreography, and fantastic styling.

As well as loving the hard-hitting b-side tracks and putting them on repeat.

In addition to record-breaking pre-orders, a shoutout from Stray Kids’ fan Ryan Reynolds, and an incredibly balanced line distribution, fans of the group can now also celebrate Stray Kids’ debut US late night TV performance.

Stray Kids performed their title track “MANIAC” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, showing off their incredible choreography and vocal talent.

Stray Kids took their late night debut seriously, giving a jaw-dropping performance complete with actual fire surrounding the stage.

Fans were incredibly impressed by the astonishing performance.

And not only did they feel proud of the performance…

But they felt extra proud when they thought of how far Stray Kids have come since their debut.

With how phenomenal the performance was, fans can hope that Stray Kids will be invited to more late night performances in the US… but hopefully next time in person.

And although Western performances are usually filmed a bit differently than Korean stages, fans still joked that they hoped there would be fancams. So they can see the intensity of each of the incredible performers.

You can watch Stray Kids’ performance here.

And you can watch the music video for “MANIAC” here.

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