Stray Kids Is Making New Fans From The Most Unexpected Fandom: Five Nights At Freddy’s

No one expected this 😂

Stray Kids is preparing for their upcoming comeback, MAXIDENT, and has been treating fans with numerous teasers for the album that’s set to release on October 7.

Among the teasers, Stray Kids has been sharing snippets from different songs on the album in the form of mini music videos, with the latest one being the third track, “Give Me Your TMI”.

Needless to say, the song already sounds like a total bop, but there’s one reason in particular that this teaser has been taking off on social media.

People are comparing the sound of “Give Me Your TMI” to that of songs made for the popular game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, particularly the songs created by The Living Tombstone (and especially the one they made for FNAF 2).

This tweet has absolutely exploded, with STAYs, gamers, and other fandoms colliding in the most unexpected way. Those who have never given K-Pop a chance have had their interest piqued by the song snippet, as evidenced by many of the comments and quote retweets on the post.

Those who are already STAYs are giddy over the possibility of their fandom taking off even more thanks to this unexpected but welcome meeting of worlds!

The quote retweets on the original tweet are absolutely hilarious as well.

There are just too many great reactions to share 😂

Even The Living Tombstone themselves have commented on the tweet!

This is undoubtedly going to be Stray Kids’ biggest comeback yet!

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