“Clear Sabotage” — Stray Kids Fans Demand Answers After A U.S. Fan Tries To Buy A “MAXIDENT” Album

“… Just collecting dust.”

On November 17, JYP Entertainment announced that Stray Kids had officially reached three million sales with their seventh EP, titled MAXIDENT.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

MAXIDENT, released on October 7, is the first Stray Kids album to accomplish this impressive feat.

| JYP Entertainment

While fans were incredibly proud of the hard-working and talented group, many voiced their concerns with JYP Entertainment and Republic Records‘ promotions. Specifically, fans were confused about why such an in-demand album wouldn’t be restocked in US stores and was, instead, “completely unlisted.”

A chart showing both Stray Kids’ ODDINARY and MAXIDENT as “completely unlisted” in US stores

Although fans were already calling out JYP Entertainment and Republic Records for not properly supporting the group, their frustration was heightened by a picture showing a full box of MAXIDENT albums in the back of a US store.

The Twitter user who posted the picture explained that when they asked a Target employee to “check the back” since MAXIDENT wasn’t on the shelves, the employee returned “with an unopened box [of] literally 30 MAXIDENT albums in it.

Fans understandably suspect that these unopened boxes are not only an issue at the one user’s local Target store.

Fans argue that stores having the boxes of albums but not allowing them to be sold is a form of “clear sabotage” and are demanding JYP Entertainment take action.

Although fans feel especially proud that Stray Kids were able to reach a milestone in their sales despite these circumstances…

Fans still demand action, trending multiple hashtags on Twitter, including #Restock Stray Kids Albums and #Republic Records Respect Stray Kids.

As of now, there are no updates from JYP Entertainment or Republic Records. You can read more here.

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