Stray Kids Han Reveals His Hopes For Him And His Members And It’ll Melt Your Heart

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During an interview with Elle Korea, Stray kids‘ members Han, Hyunjin, Bang Chan, and Felix answered questions about the group, music, and personal questions as well.

For Han, he was questioned about his inspiration, his vocal skills, his accomplishments, and of course, Stray Kids.

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Q: The words that the members have been saying among themselves a lot lately are?

‘Let’s be together for a long time.’ Once when the maknae I.N said, ‘Regardless of where we may be in the future, it’d be good if Stray Kids can continue to be ‘Stray kids,’ the members were touched.

— Han

It looks like the group plans on staying together for a long time. Han explained that the team works well together lately and that is part of the reason they will be together for a while. But whether in Stray kids or not, Han stated he planned on always having the members in his life.

Our teamwork is tight right now, and the members have been close since childhood like brothers. Even if it’s not necessarily related to music, I think a lot about being together with the members for a long time as people.

— Han

Han also mentioned that fans don’t have to worry about getting tired of Stray Kids. Even after 2.5 years after their debut, the members are still growing in talent and will always bring new things to the table.

Q: What kind of team is Stray Kids now, 2.5 years after debut?

Looking at our diverse songs and stages, our musicality is very wide, and the members capabilities are getting better and better day by day. I believe that is why our fans, as well as viewers, will continue to like us. I want to persuade them through my skills.

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Fans are touched to hear the group has the goal of staying together long and are improving in their skills as artists. From the passion and talent Han talked about, Stray Kids is sure to come out with amazing things!

Source: Elle Korea

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