The Baby That Crawled On Stage At NMIXX’s Concert Was Allegedly Also Seen At A Stray Kids Concert

Netizens are concerned about the baby’s lack of hearing protection.

Earlier today, we reported on the baby that ended up crawling on stage during NMIXX‘s concert in Seattle, where Kyujin then handed it back to the mother.

Videos of the baby crawling on stage and being handed back to the mother by Kyujin quickly started spreading on social media, where many netizens criticized the choice to bring a baby to a concert, especially being so close to the stage. Not only was there the danger that the baby could have fallen off the stage or gotten otherwise injured, it also didn’t appear to have any sound protection, making people worry about damage to its hearing.

And now, according to accounts by multiple people online, we’ve learned that it sounds like this isn’t the first time this particular baby has been to K-Pop concerts in potentially unsafe situations.

Apparently the baby was also seen at a Stray Kids concert in the second row seating area.

It sounds like the baby might have even been to other K-Pop concerts besides that, according to other fan accounts as well.

With how loud concerts can get, the possibility that this baby has been to multiple events without headphones or other hearing protection has many people worried for its health and safety.

Others just think bringing a baby to a concert at all is a poor parenting choice, let alone letting it get close enough to crawl on stage.

Many people aren’t understanding why the child isn’t being taken care of by a babysitter instead of being brought along to these concerts.

Others are accusing the mother of using the baby as a “prop” to get the attention of the K-Pop idols performing.

We hope that the baby is safe and healthy after being taken to these events, and that hopefully no lasting damage has been done to its hearing or anything else.

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