Netizens Are Incredibly Concerned By The Viral Video Of A Baby Put On NMIXX’s Stage

“… I thought they meant Kyujin but then I saw an actual baby????”

When K-Pop fans attend their favorite idols’ concerts, most want to have a good time enjoying the live performances and interactions.

But some fans take it too far, whether by pushing others in the barricade section or throwing things on stage and risking their idol’s safety. Still, many idols try and have fun with their fans, even if their behavior is unexpected, like Jessi‘s viral reaction to a fan throwing their bra on stage.

Jessi picked up a bra a fan threw on stage | @jessicah_o/Instagram

And NMIXX‘s Kyujin also stayed professional despite a fan’s extremely unexpected “surprise” during their showcase tour, NICE TO MIXX YOU.

NMIXX on their “NICE TO MIXX YOU” tour | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Fans were surprised to see that in videos and pictures of a tour, someone had set their baby on the stage.

Some netizens found the moment endearing, joking about NMIXX’s “youngest fan.”

But many netizens quickly raised concerns about someone bringing a baby to a concert where there are loud sounds and bright lights.

Especially when the baby was also brought up to the barricade, which can be dangerous for even adults, and set on the stage.

Netizens voiced their appreciation for Kyujin, quickly ensuring the baby was removed from the stage.

Especially since the barricade area got more crowded once NMIXX was interacting with their fans.

Netizens also voiced concerns about how fans were still trying to get interactions with Kyujin even though she was “panicking” over making sure the baby was alright.

Netizens were also confused about how the baby was allowed into the concert and why security didn’t do anything to help.

While netizens already can’t understand fans throwing items at idols, they especially can’t understand this latest action and are urging that no one else try anything similar.

You can watch videos of the incident here.

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