Stray Kids Perform “CALL ME BABY” On “Weekly Idol” And Fans Are In Awe

Fans finally got to see an official video of the iconic cover.

Stray Kids are currently promoting their latest comeback with mini album ODDINARY, and they have left fans speechless with their incredible voices and hard-hitting choreography for the title track “MANIAC.”

Fans have also been captivated with all of the b-sides in the album, with “VENOM” and “Lonely St.” already having released music videos.

Although Felix hurt his back and their promotions had to be paused because of multiple members getting COVID, Stray Kids recently released a schedule of their future promotion activities for ODDINARY, giving fans a lot to look forward to.

But fans have still been enjoying various content like Stray Kids’ latest anniversary live, which resulted in a lot of chaos. Or their anniversary video that shared their updated MBTI types.

Another source of content fans have been enjoying is Stray Kids’ appearance on Weekly Idol, where they did everything from dance tricks…

… to aegyo

… to a cover of EXO‘s “CALL ME BABY.”

Stray Kids has performed the cover before, as part of some fan meets, but in order to be able to share their talented cover with all their fans, they performed it on Weekly Idol, dancing to the backtrack of their own vocals.

Fans couldn’t get enough of how each member perfectly embodied the song.

Even Felix, who gave it his all despite his limited ability to perform due to his back injury, shined with his facial expressions.

And their vocals were incredible, as always.

Fans also couldn’t get over how well each member executed the choreography.

Fans are certainly grateful for the high-quality video that truly shows each of the members flawlessly covering the song.

And now that there’s an official version of the cover, fans are even hoping that Weekly Idol might release individual fancams of each member.

You can watch Stray Kids’ cover of “CALL ME BABY” here.

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