Stray Kids’ Han Accidentally Dropped His Cake, And Their Reactions Were Priceless

He wasn’t the only one giving the cute cakes a makeover 😂

Thanks to Changbin, the members of Stray Kids aren’t strangers to dropping a cake or two. This time, Han was the one who amused everyone with his cake fail.


During the group’s 4th Anniversary SKZOOM LIVE, each member showed off a cake decorated with their representative animal. Smiling, Changbin and Han posed with theirs. Little did they know, a funny moment would soon happen.

Since Han hadn’t been holding his cake at an angle and sat the box straight up, the cake fell right out. Han was surprised but quickly reacted by trying to save it. Changbin reacted as well, shouting at the turn of events.

Felix‘s funny reaction amused fans the most, his face of complete shock making everyone laugh.

As Han picked up the cake and mourned the loss of the cute quokka, they all burst into laughter. Hyunjin was the only exception, enjoying his tasty cake so much he missed it all.

Han is so funny he can make everyone laugh without trying.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Check out the funny moment that had all the members laughing.

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