Stray Kids Go Viral For Their Reactions To Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion’s Sexy Performance At The 2023 VMAs

It was a night to remember!

On September 12, the 2023 VMAs took place, honoring some of the best in music worldwide. K-Pop had a strong showing this year, with two of the fourth generation’s biggest groups, TXT and Stray Kids, attending and performing.

Stray Kids | @MTV/Twitter
TXT and Anitta (center) | @txt_members/Twitter

Of their various nominations, both groups were among the nominees for “Best K-Pop.” In a now-viral moment, Stray Kids were surprised to learn that they had won the prestigious award, adding them to the short list of K-Pop acts that have won a Moonman.

Along with their massive win, another moment involving Stray Kids is going viral all because of their reaction to another set of performers.

Part of why so many people tune in to the VMAs is the chance to see special performances from artists that might not happen otherwise. This year’s performances included one by American rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion | @theestallion/Instagram
Cardi B | @iamcardibi/Instagram

Earlier this month, the two stars released another collaboration track following their massive hit “WAP,” titled “Bongos.”

The pair performed the track at the VMAs, and it was just as sexy as you can imagine, with both stars looking gorgeous.

The audience went wild for the performances, but STAYs were focused on the group’s varying reactions to the performance!

Han and Changbin seemed to be living their best lives while watching, jamming along and clapping excitedly after Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion finished.

I.N. and Hyunjin‘s reactions were slightly more shocked, with Hyunjin even looking away from the stage at one point.

Fans found the range of reactions hilarious and were too excited to see Stray Kids react to such big names in the industry.

Check out how TXT reacted to Stray Kids’ win below!

TXT End Fandom Wars With Their Support Of Stray Kids’ “Best K-Pop” Win At The 2023 VMAs

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