Stray Kids’ Seungmin Claims He Didn’t Know The Group Was Going To “2023 KCON LA”

STAYs are shocked.

The lineup for 2023 KCON LA was recently announced, and it’s phenomenal.

The 3-day K-Pop convention will take place from August 18 to the 20th at the Arena and LA Convention Center.

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The first lineup hint was revealed via word search, highlighting KCON-themed words and phrases, including “Be a KCONer,” “DANCE,” and “Let’s KCON.”


Netizens also found K-Pop artists’ names in the word search. ATEEZ, EVERGLOW, THE BOYZ, FIFTY FIFTY, Taemin, ZEROBASEONE, Shownu x Hyungwon, XG, CRAVITY, IVE, XIKERS, INI, Kep1er, JO1, WayV, (G)I-DLE, Lapillus, ITZY, NMIXXStray Kids, and Taeyong were all spotted. The lineup is slowly being confirmed via Instagram now.

Yet, one of the Stray Kids members expressed to a STAY that he didn’t know they would be going to KCON this year.

A video from a fancall with Stray Kids’ Seungmin is going viral where he claims that he didn’t know the group was going to 2023 KCON LA. The STAY (Stray Kids fan) told him that they’d see him there, but he replied, asking when.

STAY: Did you guys know you are going to KCON?

Seungmin: Are we going KCON?

STAY: Yeah! I’m going to see you there.

Seungmin: When?

STAY: August in L.A.

Seungmin: I didn’t know that.

Seungmin genuinely looked so shocked and confused that it had STAYs wondering about JYP Entertainment‘s communication with the idols.

Yet, Seungmin also acted very clueless when a STAY mentioned his masked persona, Ink, from the popular Korean series King of Masked Singer. So, this “professional liar” might just be continually clowning us.

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