Stray Kids’ Seungmin Has Some Unexpectedly Heartwarming Advice For Changbin In His Role As Special MC Of “Weekly Idol”

Hopefully, Changbin will listen to him!

Stray KidsChangbin is due to take over as guest MC in Weekly Idol for the weeks of August 17-24, and Seungmin had the best advice for him.

Stray Kids’ Changbin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids’ Seungmin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Following the unfortunate passing of the Super Junior Eunhyuk‘s father, Changbin stepped up to fill in for Eunhyuk this month.

Changbin’s natural charm and sense of humor make him clearly suited for the role. Yet, that didn’t stop him from seeking advice from the members of his group who are already experienced MCs, including Seungmin, who once also hosted Weekly Idol as a special MC.

Seungmin and Eunhyuk | ALL THE K-POP/Youtube

In a preview of Changbin’s episode of Weekly Idol, the show’s MC Kwanghee asked him what tips Seungmin had given him for the two weeks he will be hosting.

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Changbin explained that he had come to Seungmin to ask how best to approach the role, wondering if he should adopt a specific character for it.

But Seungmin’s advice ended up being simple, though very heartwarming! According to Changbin, Seungmin said, “Just do what you usually do! No matter what you do, you already have your character.”

And of course, he is right! Changbin definitely has his own unique character. STAYs are already finding Seungmin’s words extremely touching, though the episode hasn’t even aired yet.

Fans can look forward to some fun-filled episodes with Changbin as MC, even though his humor is so smooth that it can sometimes be easy to miss it. Hopefully, he will listen to Seungmin’s wise words and let his true personality shine!

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