Stray Kids Fans Are Rolling Their Eyes At The “Evidence” That Seungmin Is Dating Weeekly’s Soojin

The “evidence” for these rumors is getting ridiculous!

While some dating rumors in K-Pop have fairly convincing evidence — such as alleged photos of two idols seen together, or other more provable information — others are based on what can seem like the most random and nonsensical “reasons”.

Earlier today, one such dating claim was shared online for Stray Kids‘ Seungmin and Weeekly‘s Soojin.

Seungmin (Stray Kids)
Soojin (Weeekly) | IST Entertainment

While there were six pieces of “evidence” shared that were supposed to support the idea that these two idols are dating, you can read them for yourself and come to your own conclusion on how legitimate they sound.

The first piece of “evidence” was that, though Seungmin didn’t react during a behind-the-scenes clip when a song by ITZY started playing, he jumped up when one of Weeekly’s songs did.

The second reason mentioned is that both K-Pop idols are known for having the nickname “Pochacco” for the fact that they like/resemble the Sanrio character of the same name.

The third piece of “evidence” is that Seungmin and Soojin both have the habit of using “~yong” endings when they type or talk.

Caption 1: Soojinnie is gonna go now~ It was fun~ Everyone, have a good dinner (~yong)

Caption 2: Daileee I miss you (~yong)

Next on the list is the fact that Weeekly appeared on and episode of Kiss the Radio when Seungmin was the special DJ of at the time, despite the girl group not having a comeback.

Fifth, both Seungmin and Soojin have allegedly recommended the songs “My Sea” by IU and “Behind the Page” by Kwon Jinah to their fans.

And finally, the last piece of “evidence” that Seungmin and Soojin are dating is because of similar messages the two idols sent on the fan app Bubble.

Caption 1 (Seungmin): Let’s make October a warm one together again, and thank you for September. Goodnight.

Caption 2 (Soojin): Thank you for September, and please take good care of me in October as well~ Goodnight~.

Unsurprisingly, for the most part fans of both idols aren’t buying the dating rumors based on the reasons given. At this point, the “news” still isn’t very widespread, but the overall majority of people reacting to the claims are skeptical.

What do you think about these claims of the two idols secretly dating?

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