Stray Kids’ Stylists Are Under Fire For Lee Know’s Dangerous And Uncomfortable Outfit

Lee Know was extremely professional but…

Stray Kids recently came back with their new album ODDINARY, and although promotions for the group were temporarily halted due to several of the members testing positive for COVID-19, fans were excited that the members were able to start promotions again.

Recently, Stray Kids had their first comeback stage since resuming promotions on Show Champion.

And while the stage was incredible, with all of the members’ talented dancing, rapping, and singing…

… Fans are voicing outrage at Stray Kids’ stylists.

Although the members’ styling perfectly suited the “MANIAC” concept, when fans specifically watched Lee Know‘s fancam, they realized that the stylist had actually overlooked not only the idol’s comfort but even safety when choosing his outfit.

Although Lee Know is a powerful dancer with incredible intensity, fans noticed that he wasn’t dancing with any of his usual power.

“His dance isn’t as powerful as it usually is because of his shirt/belt problem and he keeps wincing/readjusting” | @cloudycypher/TikTok 

And it was undeniable that it was the outfit that was making Lee Know uncomfortable. Since he was continually trying to readjust it during the stage.

“Readjusting everything” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

But not only was he inhibited from dancing to his full capability, but he actually slipped and fell on the stage, risking injury because of his outfit.

“Slips and hurts himself” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

Despite Lee Know being one of the members with difficult floor choreography, his stylist put him in a glove with spikes on it. Causing him to slip during the floor choreography.

Fans even noticed that Lee Know tried to take the spikes off during the performance, likely to try and prevent himself from slipping again or accidentally hurting his members.

“Tries to pull the spike off” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

Fans also found it incredibly insensitive of the stylist to put Lee Know in an outfit that kept coming undone, risking showing his stomach.

“Trying to fix it so it doesn’t show his stomach” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

Previously Lee Know has shared with fans that he doesn’t feel comfortable revealing his stomach because of a surgical scar.

“Trying to fix it so it doesn’t show his stomach” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

And since his shirt kept coming untucked, Lee Know had to keep adjusting it while performing, likely holding back on his dancing not only because of the outfit’s limitations but also to keep his stomach covered.

“Trying to fix it so it doesn’t show his stomach” | @cloudycypher/TikTok   

Especially at the end of his fancam, fans could tell that Lee Know looked immensely unhappy.

“All in all this is very upsetting as this is their first comeback show. I hope he knows we are supporting him.” | @cloudycypher/TikTok  

And while they were proud of Lee Know’s professionalism…

They were upset with Stray Kids’ stylists for putting him in such a clearly uncomfortable outfit.

Especially since he risked injury with his slip.

And since this was the first performance Lee Know had gotten to do since quarantine, it only made fans more frustrated on his behalf.

However, fortunately, the outfits for his two most recent stages for “MANIAC” on Music Bank and Mcountdown were much more comfortable for the idol, and fans got to see him truly giving his all on stage.

You can watch the Show Champion stage for “MANIAC” here.

You can watch Lee Know’s fancam here.

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