Stray Kids Want To Show Their Next Level During Tour, And They’re Already Delivering

“Now we can’t wait to meet and show everyone the next level of Stray Kids.”

Stray Kids are currently on the North American leg of their 2nd World Tour MANIAC. They’ve completed two stops so far and have already proved that they didn’t come to play.

Stray Kids’ Changbin, Lee Know, Han, Felix, and Bang Chan (left to right, top row) I.N, Seungmin, and Hyunjin (bottom row) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

During a recent interview with, the group gave their thoughts on the then-upcoming tour.Β After talking about the preparations they made, Felix said, “Now we can’t wait to meet and show everyone the next level of Stray Kids.”

It’s safe to say they delivered.

When asked about their favorite tracks to perform, I.N had a few in mind. He thinks these songs show off Stray Kids’ energy perfectly.

Among our tracks, I think performances like “Thunderous,” “DOMINO,” and “God’s Menu” deliver our energy the best, which is why I especially love performing these three songs during our concert.

β€” I.N.

Fans agree.

“God’s Menu” is always iconic and shows off Stray Kids’ color well, even if Hyunjin likes to change it up.

They show off their dance moves with the hard-hitting “Thunderous.”

And they play it up when performing “DOMINO.”

Part of Stray Kids’ tour preparations included, as Hyunin said, showing a more mature side to them.

Because this is our first tour in a while, we really put a lot of effort in to show our more matured performances. We’re so happy that we can meet so many STAY.

β€” Hyunjin

They nailed it with performances like “Red Lights.”

Whether it’s showing off their visuals…

…or abs…

…they are doing what they do best.

As well as the tracks they love to perform, Stray Kids nail new fan faves such as “Charmer.”

And their desire to put on a good concert is clear.

I enjoy performing on stage because I’m the type to really pour my everything in, including all the explosive energy onto stage.

β€” Hyunjin

Even though things have slightly changed over the years, some things stay the same.

Stray Kids love interacting with fans.

And they love teasing them too.

They’re using this tour to show off their skills.

And they’re having fun doing it.

The rest of the tour will surely be just as fun as Stray Kids continue showing their growth as performers and their desire to keep improving.

Source: GRAMMY

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