Stray Kids’ Reactions To KARD’s Jiwoo Performing On Their Table At The 2022 AAAs Are Going Viral

They were so respectful!

Stray Kids‘ reactions to KARD‘s Jiwoo performing on top of their table at The 2022 Asia Artist Awards (also known as The 2022 AAAs) are going viral as the members revealed their true personalities.

Stray Kids at The 2022 AAAs
KARD at The 2022 AAAs | @KARD_Official/Twitter

The annual Asia Artist Awards was held in Japan on December 13, and it honored Asia’s hottest artists across music, television, etc.

It also included many great performances, including both Stray Kids and KARD.

KARD’s performance is especially going viral not only because the group absolutely killed it but because their fellow K-Pop idols were vibing with it in the audience…

The moment that truly stole the show, though, was when KARD’s Jiwoo performed from on top of Stray Kids’ table!

Not only is the tweet above going viral with over 23K likes, but three videos of the moment are going viral simultaneously on TikTok.

User @lino.iscute shared a funny edit that has garnered 463.5K views and 111.3K likes at the time of writing.


The floor is suddenly so interesting #skz #straykids #KARD

♬ everybody is gay – Damon <3

A video posted by @lightschoice pointed out how the members looked all over the place as Jiwoo sang. It has gone viral with 80.3K views and 12K likes at the time of writing.


The floor is made of floor #straykids #skz #kard #kpop

♬ original sound – lightschoice

Likewise, another video posted by @alienlixie went viral with 106.6K and 29.7K likes at the time of writing. All three videos highlighted the Stray Kids members’ respect towards Jiwoo as she was standing on top of the table in a skirt, so by looking away, they ensured they wouldn’t look under it.


The avoided any eye contact #스트레이키즈 #skz #straykids #stayfyp #alienlixie

♬ original sound – Alienlixie

Netizens were not only amused by the members’ reaction but proud of them for being so respectful considering the awkward situation.

| @lino.iscute/TikTok
| @lightschoice/TikTok

There was one member who did look at Jiwoo, and it was I.N. To be fair, he was equally respectful but in his own way. He was totally entranced by her performance and focused on her face as she sang!

Either way, we definitely stan the right men!

True Personalities

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