“Street Man Fighter” Leader Alleged To Have Had Sexual Relationship With Underage “Street Girls Fighter 2” Contestant

The dancer has since responded to the allegations.

A Street Man Fighter contestant is being alleged to have had sexual relations with a minor.

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On April 1, Sports Kyung Hyang reported that dancer “A” from the program is alleged to have had inappropriate relations with a minor who appeared on Street Girls Fighter 2.

According to an acquaintance of “A,” who is the leader of a dance crew, “A” had selected “B” to represent his crew on Street Girls Fighter 2 without the consent of his other crew members. The report then alleges that “A” and “B” began their relationship.

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The report writes that “B” would express her love for “A” in a secret Instagram account and, in the process, revealed to her colleagues that she had sex with “A.” The report also writes that crew members found “A” and “B” together at an airport headed for Jeju-do and that “B” revealed on her secret Instagram that she had gotten an abortion after getting pregnant by “A.”

Sports Kyung Hyang then writes that team members confronted “A” about this, but “A” denied all of the allegations. Several crew members have since left the team. The report cites one former team member who explained the situation.

Member A lied to the crew until the very end and, even after we left the team, used us to gain sympathy. I don’t want to bury his morally wrong actions. Please protect the members’ dreams.

— Former crew member of “A”

When contacted for comment, “A” denied the allegations, and a representative of the dance crew stated that “All of the members’ allegations are false. We don’t have any other statement.”

I am currently solving the misunderstandings and conflicts between the members. Our agency is currently preparing a statement.

— “A”

Meanwhile, “A’s” dance crew was formed in 2010 and has won many famous dance competitions. The crew competed on Street Man Fighter in 2022 and placed high in the program.

Source: sports kyunghyang
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