“Street Man Fighter” Crew B II B Criticized For Similar Name And Logo To K-Pop Group BTOB

Fans claim the logo and name were copied.

Street Woman Fighter‘s male spinoff, Street Man Fighter is just kicking off. After two preliminary rounds through the pre-show, Be Mbitious, they have finally formed its crews and are ready to take on the battle. Unfortunately, one team in particular, is being criticized for its name and logo.

Originally named Bank To Brothers, the multi-talented dance crew also sold clothes under their own label. However, they decided to change their name and logo for the sake of the show. They shortened their name to B II B (B To B) and also created a logo for the team.

The B II B team. | Mnet

With a K-Pop boy group named BTOB, fans began to call out the dance crew for the sudden change. Not only did their logos overlap, BTOB has been a famous name since their debut in 2012. Having the same name would not be beneficial to the dance crew at all given that BTOB would appear first in search algorithms. The names of the crew and K-Pop group in Korean are the same.

BTOB’s logo. | Cube Entertainment
BTOB, the K-Pop group. | Cube Entertainment

Fans called out the matter online, demanding for a response.

Netizens’ response to the matter. | Nate Pann
  • “I’m a Melody (BTOB fan) and… this issue was first spoken up about on Twitter… Their original name wasn’t this… They were originally called Bank To Brothers and I think they also sold clothing under the name Bank To Brothers… But I don’t know why they’re suddenly using the name B II B. The logo was also BTOB’s previous logo.. They stole everything, even though CUBE registered the copyrights and production rights… CUBE also registered the copyrights for the name B To B.. It’s so questionable why they decided to throw their own name away and go with an idol group’s name but they’re not giving any statement. It’s so frustrating.”
  • “But the way I see it, there’s no way they wouldn’t have known about this. It’s just a different type of industry but they’re still all in the same entertainment industry so they would know very well, how much a group name or artist name means. Even if by some chance they didn’t know, Mnet would probably have told them. They 100% knew about this and still did it… I think that they’re trolling to get more attention on SMF in the beginning.”
  • “For the people who were fussed about the whole poppin’ vs popping thing, they shouldn’t be ignoring this matter of the group names LOL and I hear the logo was also copied directly from the logo that the singers BTOB also used, but their company is not doing anything? Didn’t they register the copyrights for moments like this?”

Mnet, Bank To Brothers nor Cube Entertainment has all not yet spoken on the matter.

Source: Nate Pann