“Street Woman Fighter 2” Dancer Latrice Gains Praise For Her Calm Reaction To Fellow Contestant Redlic’s “Uprofessional” Behavior

“She was actually being really kind about it and worded it very carefully…”

Mnet’s show Street Woman Fighter 2 recently started, and the drama has already been at a record high between the dancers. Yet, one person who has cemented herself as a fan favorite is JAM REPUBLIC‘s Latrice.

Latrice from “Street Woman Fighter 2” | @_latricekabama/Instagram

Throughout the completion so far, Latrice has showcased her unreal talent.


Yet, netizens have noticed that some of the dancers haven’t taken well to Latrice, and one of those is Redlic. Before the scene was deleted, Redlic was accused of racism in a comment about Latrice’s body.

In the recent episode, after the contestants’ recent challenge, it was up to leader Latrice to pick who she thought was the worst dancer. The dancers seemed shocked when Latrice picked Redlic.

During the clip, Redlic seemed annoyed after how Latrice looked so good in the performance after adding she “Ruined the dance.”


Yet, Latrice’s fellow members understood their teammate’s thoughts, pointing out that she was second-guessing her as a leader. It then cut to clips of the other dancer seemingly disregarding Latrice’s role as the leader throughout the rehearsal stages before the performance.

Latrice revealed her feelings about Redlic’s attitude towards her and even the contestants seemed shocked when Latrice shared her honest thoughts about working with her fellow dancer.

Redlic then seemingly took offense to that, even sharing that Latrice wouldn’t pick her if she had a “conscience.”

When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t stop praising Latrice for how calm and “kind” she was, making sure to think of her words before saying them. It could have been easy for Latrice to return Redlic’s sharp comments, but the dancer showcased her true personality. Others loved how she was calling Redlic out for her attitude and behavior.

While Mnet is known for evil editing, it seems like the show is really trying to build up a “feud” between Latrice and Redlic, and the JAM REPUBLIC has won the hearts of international netizens.

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