“Street Woman Fighter” Dancers Share Their Brutal Opinions About Lee Chaeyeon’s Choreography

“She still has a lot to learn…”

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Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has quickly become one of the most talked about variety programs in the nation, as talented dancers battle it out to come out on top. And while the drama-filled episodes have been well-received by the public, a theme has began to form regarding former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon and the constant criticisms she has been receiving from the other dancer contestants.

Lee Chaeyeon.

In the latest episode of the show, Lee Chaeyeon showed off her impressive choreography in front of all of the other participants. While that in itself can be nerve-wracking, the former idol member began to receive negative feedback from her fellow dancer participants for her “idol-like” moves.

Lee Chaeyeon dancing in front of the other dancers | Mnet

After seeing Lee Chaeyeon’s moves, Gabi and Shimizu from LACHICA dance crew talked about their true thoughts on the former idol’s dancing abilities.

Still from “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

If Chaeyeon gets selected, I don’t think I will like it very much. We make money doing this [create choreography].

— LACHICA’s Gabi

To Gabi’s comment, Shimizu added on by sharing her thoughts on the former IZ*ONE member and her former idol-related accolades.

If you think about it from her perspective, if she doesn’t become the main dancer? I feel like her pride will get hurt since it’ll be her first time being a backup dancer.

— LACHICA’s Shimizu

Gyurian from dance crew WAYB also shared her harsh opinions on Lee Chaeyeon’s dance performance.

All I could think is, ‘she’s an idol!’ She danced like I used to dance back when I was a student. You can tell that she still has a lot to learn.

— WAYB’s Gyurian

After viewing Lee Chaeyeon’s dance, Holy Bang’s Hertz couldn’t help but compare her skills to the other show’s participants.

I think she lacks too much to compete with the current participants.

— Holy Bang’s Hertz

Isaac from YGX also shared her disappointment in Lee Chaeyeon’s “weak” performance after seeing it for herself.

She was really weak.

— YGX’s Isaac

You can check out the very clip in question down below.

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