“Street Woman Fighter” Contestants Caught Criticizing Lee Chaeyeon On Camera, And Her Dance Crew Rushes To Her Defense

Fans have also been sharing their love for Chaeyeon in light of the video.

Lee Chaeyeon from WM Entertainment has fans flooding the Internet with love for her after a trailer for Street Woman Fighter shows the competitors’ negative attitude towards idols.

Lee Chaeyeon is an artist currently under WM Entertainment. | @chaestival_/Instagram

The dance competition show hasn’t even begun yet, but there’s already drama coming from the trailers. In a recent video, competitors were overheard speaking about the difference between idols and dancers.

“An idol..?”
“Very different. I think we dancers are very different from idol groups because.. well.. the purpose of practicing dancing is very different.”

| Mnet Official/YouTube 

In the Street Woman Fighter trailer, the artist appeared to be wearing numerous stickers that say “NO RESPECT.” Fans are speculating that the contestants had to vote for which dancers they respect the least.

| Mnet Official/YouTube 

Chaeyeon could be seen crying as she says, “I don’t think I can dance anymore.” Her crew members are there to support her, and even ask the cameramen to stop filming out of respect for the artist’s privacy.

| Mnet Official/YouTube  

The former IZ*ONE member is competing as a member of the dance crew WANT. Chaeyeon is highly regarded within the industry for her inspiring skills and passion. Her choreography performance videos receive tons of love from her fans.

| @chaestival_/Instagram

Fans are upset that the artist had to deal with such attitudes, and disapprove of the “voting” strategy. They are sharing their love for Chaeyeon and their admiration for her dancing in light of the situation.

Check out Chaeyeon’s dance crew WANT below.

Source: Mnet Official and Instagram