“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Honey J Announces Pregnancy And Marriage


Street Woman Fighter star and original girls hip-hop queen, Honey J, will be getting married soon. She announced not only her impending marriage but also her pregnancy via Instagram. In a sweet post, she addressed her fans and shared the warm news.

Hello. This is Honey J. I’m a little nervous as I’m not used to uploading long posts here. But something happy has happened to me recently that I would love to share personally with everyone, hence, I’m uploading a post carefully.

All along, I’ve always thought of love as more precious than anything else, and I’ve come to make a promise of forever after meeting someone that made me dream about a future together. He’s someone that always puts me first and is considerate of me, and overflowing with love. I am also trying to become such a person to him.

I plan on taking a first step towards the future and having our wedding ceremony before the year is out. Whenever I am with him, he makes me happier than anyone else. I hope you will cheer on our future together. We will live happily together, for a long time.

And there’s one more happy news I have to share. Not too long ago, a new life came to us. This tiny life taught me what happiness beyond words is, and I will try to greet it with all the love and sincerity too. Even as I write this, I am overwhelmed with interchanging feelings of happiness and the sense of responsibility.

I am sincerely glad to be able to share this news with everyone, who has sent me so much love and interest such that I am able to learn how to be grateful each day. I will remain unchanging as everyone’s dancer, and I will live happily and repay you all, always remembering how I feel now. Please bless and cheer us on lots.

Thank you!

— Honey J

Congratulations to the couple and their new baby.