“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Noze Makes Headlines For Her Duality On And Off Camera

How can one human be this adorable?!

Street Woman Fighter‘s Noze is cracking up netizens for her on camera and off camera duality.

WAYB dancer, Noze | Starting House

The stunning WAYB dancer made an appearance on the finale episode of Street Woman Fighter and as a former contestant, it seems that Noze wanted to show her support for the remaining dance crews. And while the dancer’s gorgeous visuals have made headlines before, this time, she has started to garner hot attention for something slightly different.

| @nozeworld/Instagram

During the program’s final episode, the WAYB dancer was captured on camera showing off her idol-like visuals whilst on camera. With her cute bangs and perfect side profile, Noze captivated viewers once again.

Still of Noze from “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

However, it was her duality during her off-camera moments that have begun to go viral! While she still looks absolutely adorable, her image changed 180 degrees when Noze believed she was no longer being filmed. The dancer couldn’t help herself and began to gulp down a drink in the cutest way possible.

Still of Noze from “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

Again, on camera, the dancer looks poised, elegant, ethereal…

| Mnet

…and off camera, she just couldn’t wait to get another gulp of her drink!

Noze (left) drinking her drink | Mnet

Netizens who saw these photos left comments marveling at her duality, leaving comments such as “she’s so cute”“she’s so pretty”“I guess everyone lives the same lifestyle.” 

Duality of Noze on camera (left) versus off camera (right) | Mnet

We love this “duality” that was shown by Noze! In related news, the WAYB dancer has been living in mass popularity following her Street Woman Fighter appearance, as she continues to dominate on variety show appearances and more.

Source: WikiTree