“Street Woman Fighter” Noze And Emma Rock The “Bad Love” Dance Challenge With SHINee’s Key

A power combination.

The dancers of Street Woman Fighter are rising in popularity of late. With their fancams going viral and interest in them growing, the dancers are booked and busy. In particular, Noze and Emma have been growing in fame. Whenever they appear on M!Countdown, Mnet even uploads their fancams!

Recently, they have been active as SHINee Key‘s backup dancers for his new drop, “Bad Love”. He took time to do the “Bad Love” dance challenge with the two of them. A man who knows what fans want, truly!

He even danced a little of the iconic “Hey Mama” choreography with Noze!

When it came to Emma’s turn, he made sure to throw in the move that she went viral for on “Street Woman Fighter”. Emma’s bodyrolls were the talk of town for how flexible she was.

Check out the full video below.

Not only that, the girls have been tearing up the stage for “Bad Love”. Netizens have praised their dance as powerful and smooth. Admire their gorgeous dance lines in the fancam compilation below.

Key, Noze and Emma in one video? A power combination!