Dancer Noze’s Worth Went From $1680 To $126,000 In Just A Few Months — Here’s How Much She’s Earned So Far

She’s the talk of the town.

It was recently reported that Street Woman Fighter dancer Noze‘s worth shot up insanely after her appearance on the show. Although Noze had already been famous as a pretty dancer, especially after she went viral from her promotions with EXO‘s Kai for “Mmmh”, many fell for her dance skills and visuals through Street Woman Fighter.

Not only that, her choreography for “Hey Mama” went viral, with celebrities covering it! Talk about roles reversed. It has been reported that while she was active as a model even before Street Woman Fighter, her pay around then had been around ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,680 USD). However, after her recognition increased, she now pulls around ₩150 million KRW (about $126,000 USD) per gig.

What’s more impressive, is that she’s been sweeping the commercial scene! Since her appearance on the show, she’s recently signed a total of 9 commercials, from beauty to fashion, even food! With the 70 times increase in her pay worth, it means she’s made around ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $842,000 USD) since.

With her skills and visuals, it’s clear that she deserves it and more! Congrats Noze!

Source: Viva100